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When designing architecture, one needs to draw its structure first. The same is true for business processes and frontline operations.

The PReP model is an ideal method for analyzing and designing the process structure. The model’s effectiveness has been proven in many projects, including business process improvement, service development, and system requirements definition.

What is PReP model?



Benefits of the PReP model

The PReP model, a modeling method to structure processes conceptually, offers following features and advantages:

Clear identification of root problems in a process that hinder business goals

  • You can determine fundamental issues for improving your business and manufacturing processes so as to avoid ad-hoc improvements
  • When applied to your customers’ process improvement, the PReP model can provide strong, logical explanation which helps you make clear proposals for your customers’ benefits

Accurate design of business processes to achieve newly defined business goals

  • The PReP model eliminates ambiguity and variation in granularity in process design
  • Process design is made efficient with the PReP model without the need to rework

Automatic creation of system requirements from designed business processes

  • By using a dedicated tool, system requirements can be automatically created from designed business processes with just one click
  • Traceability between business processes and system requirements is ensured

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The PReP model contributed to a JPY 500 million order for Hitachi’s smart factory solution, H-SPEED

Issues before the PReP model’s introduction- Clients’ business reforms tended to be sub-optimized- Difficulties faced in communication with clients Results...
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The simple method enabled the next generation smart factory’s conceptual design in just half a day

Issues before the PReP model’s introduction- The discussion on what to achieve tended to digress often toward the means, not...
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The PReP model used for ABEJA’s new service development helped exceed the management target by 30%

Issues before the PReP model’s introduction- Different understanding of customers within the Customer Success team- Difficulty in communicating and collaborating...
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Incorporating the PReP model, an essential DX tool, into the conventional method

Issues before the PReP model’s introduction- The more actors, the longer it takes to understand a business process- Improvement often...
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